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Vermont Compost Company

Vermont Compost Perennial 2 CY Sling Bag

Vermont Compost Perennial 2 CY Sling Bag

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Perennial Blend is the ideal choice for organic growers looking to fill raised beds and large containers. Crafted from mature compost, Perennial blend mimics naturally fertile garden soil with a plant-healthy fungal and bacterial profile.

Perennial Blend is particularly suitable for woody plants, shrubs, and herbs, and also performs well in vegetable and flower beds. This is the mix we recommend if you need a complete soil to fill a raised bed or establish a new bed. The robust soil structure resists shrinkage over time, and the high percentage of organic matter stands up to even heavy rainfall events. 

Ingredients: All ingredients used in Perennial Blend have been approved for certified organic production. Our composting process meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standard requirements and our products are approved by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification branch of NOFA-VT. 

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