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Vermont Compost Company

Vermont Compost Manure Compost 2 CY

Vermont Compost Manure Compost 2 CY

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Carefully crafted for field and greenhouse applications, manure compost increases organic matter, soil tilth, and nutrition. Manure compost is a great choice for organic growers looking to improve soil health for the long-term success of their farm. 

Manure compost can be applied in the fall or as an amendment prior to seeding and transplant. Most growers will find that an application of 1 to 2 inches provides significant improvement to soil texture and water handling. Manure compost can also be used to create compost tea. 

All ingredients used in Manure Compost have been approved for certified organic production. Vermont Compost Company’s composting process meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standard requirements and their products are approved by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification branch of NOFA-VT. For specific questions about product formulations, please contact us at


  • Field application
  • Hoop houses
  • Garden plots
  • Raised beds
  • Landscaping
  • Perennials
  • Fruit trees
  • Compost tea

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