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Buckwheat 50 lbs.

Buckwheat 50 lbs.

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Plant type: Annual Grain
Planting dates: June–August
Soil pH: 5.0–6.5
Soil adaption: Wide range of soils
Planting depth: 1”–1 1/2”
Approximate seeds/lb: 14,200
Seeding rate: 35–50 lbs/A
Days to germination: 7–10
Main Usage: Wildlife, cover crop, grain
Height at maturity: 2’–3’
Length of stand: Annual
Reproduces by: Seed
Pounds per bushel: 60

Rapid growing broadleaf small grain • Will flower in 35 to 45 days • Small tap root system • Great for mineralizing phosphorous (P) and sulfur (S) from the soil • Great as a cover crop or a wildlife plot • Excellent choice for a pollinator


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