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Avenger, Concentrate., 2.5 Gal

Avenger, Concentrate., 2.5 Gal

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Avenger Weed Killer is an excellent alternative to synthetic, toxic herbicides. Using a natural citrus oil base, this is a non-selective herbicide that eliminates broadleaf, crab grass and other unwanted weeds naturally and quickly. Its main ingredient is d-Limonene.

Environment: Outdoors, Crops, Orchards & Vineyards, Nursery

Application Rate:

Small annual weeds:  - less than 6 inches, use 1:6 ratio (1 Part Avenger, 6 parts water) 

Larger annual weeds:  - above 6 inches, use 1:4 ½ (1 Part Avenger, 4 ½ parts water) 

Hard to control weeds:  - ivy and perennials, 1:3 ratio (1 Part Avenger, 3 parts water

  • Active Ingredients: d-Limonene (citrus oil)

  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Toxicity: No toxicity known
  • Certifications: EPA, USDA NOP
  • Storage: Store in original container

How To Use: Shake or mix well before use.  Apply Nature's Avenger Organic to the foliage of the weeds, making sure that all of the foliage is thoroughly wet.  Thorough coverage is necessary to achieve desirable control.  It is best to apply when outdoor conditions are warm and sunny.  Coverage rate varies depending on size of weeds. 

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