Fertrell Soil Mineralizer, 50lb Bag


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Fertrell Soil Mineralizer is a blend of aragonite, greensand, natural potash, and sulfur. The aragonite is a great source of available calcium and trace minerals. Greensand increases the water holding capacity and is a great source of trace minerals. Natural potash is a great source of potash and salt. Sulfur is the element in the Fertrell Soil Mineralizer that brings it all together. Fertrell Soil Mineralizer will improve the overall nutrient content of your forage and make them more palatable by increasing the vitamin and mineral content of the forage. The sulfur in the Fertrell Soil Mineralizer is the stimulator of nitrogen fixation. Fertrell Soil Mineralizer should be applied at a rate of 400 to 600 pounds per acre,

Weight 51 lbs

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