The key to raising fine animals is treating them with the care and dignity they deserve, right? So for us, here at FreshStart, what does that look like? Well it’s not so hard really. Good clean water sources and healthy feed (read non-GMO) for one. A suitable living arrangement to let an animal get fresh air, romp around, and have a safe and cozy place to rest that keeps the predators away and the rain off their back. A clean environment is also key – no nasty or stinky in the shed or house or pen. Thats about it as long as the flock/herd/gaggle is healthy. But we also recommend keeping handy first aid materials and medications at hand. Hope you don’t need them but sometimes it happens! The key here is think what you need to thrive. It’s pretty much the same for them!  We hope for happy times with you sheppards, herders, stockmen, rangers and such. Let us know if we can help!

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