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Diatomaceous Earth, 40 lb.

Diatomaceous Earth, 40 lb.

This is a great product with multiple uses. It is specially formulated for agricultural use. It is OMRI listed for use in organic production and registered for use as an anti-caking agent. Benefits include improved feed conversion and reduced manure odor. It has been used in dairy, beef, poultry, equine, bison, sheep, goat, rabbit, and pet food diets with positive results.

Our product meets both FOOD GRADE and FEED GRADE specifications. Food Grade DE means that the product meets Food Grade specifications and can be used as a filtering aid or processing aid in food, but cannot be in the end product for human consumption.

Our Diatomaceous Earth is also registered as a feed additive for the purpose of an anti-caking agent or pelleting aid in feed, not to exceed 2% of the animal’s total diet.  This product is completely safe for all animals.

 DE is also for use as an organic insecticide. The razor sharp edges of fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic organisms scratch the exoskeletons of hard bodied insects, making them susceptible to fatal attack from natural organisms in the soil.

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  • Product Code: Diatomaceous Earth Red Lake 40#
  • Weight: 40.00lb
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 30.00in x 20.00in x 6.00in
  • SKU: Diatomaceous Earth Red Lake 40#
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