Hemocel Bullets, 25 Count


Hemocel capsules are for use when appetite and digestion are a consideration. It's critical to keep diary cattle on feed without interruption if you want to maintain peak milk production and healthy rates of gain. Feed or weather changes, shipping, calving, etc. can all affect a cows ability to consume and digest adequate levels of energy. Hemocel Bullets contain: Probiotic Cultures (viable and non-viable fermentation product). Herbs (the Bitters)  Yeast Cultures  B-complex Vitamins  Digestive Enzymes  Charcoal  Organically Bound (chelated) Minerals Ocean Kelp Directions for use: Cattle 500 - 1,000 lbs: Administer 1-2 Hemocel Bullets daily as needed. Cattle over 1,000 lbs: Administer 2 Hemocel Bullets daily as needed. Packaging: 25 oz. (14 gm) capsules per jar, 12 jars per case.

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