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Thrive Vegetable Microbes

Thrive Vegetable Microbes

Vegetable Thrive is a concentrated natural microbial treatment which will become your solution for beatiful vegetables with less watering. It is an earth-friendly living microbial treatment for the health of your soil. Not a fertilizer, Vegetable Thrive restores biological activity and improves the rooting of your plants in the soil.

THRIVE products are a liquid blend of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria. They create a healthy, productive environment that is essential for superior plant growth and vitality. 

The complex micro-organisms in THRIVE make it much more effective than products containing just mycorrhizae. THRIVE works from the roots up. The microbial activity introduced into the soil stimulates root growth, mass and length.

Thrive can be used with all types of fertilizers. In addition to enhancing the bioavailability of fertilizer and decaying organic matter, the bacterial in THRIVE colonize on the hair like structures of the plant root to increase nutrient absorption and stimulate growth. The result is more resilient and robust plants that are better able to withstand transplant stress, excessive heat and disease. Increased flowering and fruit bearing is also common.

THRIVE can be mixed with water or applied directly to the soil. THRIVE contains no fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide. THRIVE is safe to use around pets when used as directed and will not interfere with other treatments. The bacteria in THRIVE will remain viable between 35 and 120 degrees with as little as 18% soil moisture.

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