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The soul of what we do here at Fresh Start Growers Supply is gardening. We have our hands in the dirt all day long! We believe that is the best way to know what our customers need and want. So no matter what you are doing with your garden, we can help. Soil management, plants, seeds, insect and disease management, beneficial insects -it doesnt matter, we will be glad to guide you to success! Let us know how we can help.

Model: Organic Seed Potatoes
Characteristics: • Heavy russet skin and bright white flesh. • Long, uniform, oblong shaped tubers.  • Storage potato.  • Mid/Late season (95-110+ days). Growing Guide: It prefers to be planted in April or May. This variety adapts well to many conditions and does not require h..
Model: Organic Seed Potatoes
Characteristics: • Yellow skin and yellow flesh Russet type. • Oblong/round shape.  • Stores extremely well retaining taste, texture, and moisture of a new potato even after months.  • Mid Season (90-110 days) Exceptional flavor. Heralded by potato lovers as one of the best. Smooth..
Organic Copper Fungicide, Ready To Use, Qt
2 - 3 Days
Model: Copper Fungicide RTU Qt
Organic Copper Fungicide in ready to use spray bottle.  Organically treats and controls a wide range of plant disease and fungi on vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  All natural, ready to use product is approved for organic gardening...
Model: Organic Seed Potatoes
Characteristics: • Red Skin and yellow flesh.  • Round to oblong shape.  • New potato. Decent storage potential.  • Early/Mid season (80-100 days) Growing Guide: An easy and very reliable potato to grow. Excellent all-around cooking potatoes with satin-like skin and..
Brand: Fresh Start Model: Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds
Organic Fenugreek Sprouts contain choline (a fat controller) and are rich in protein, iron, and vitamins A, D and G. Organic Fenugreek Sprout is a strongly scented herb of the pea family. It is reported to be helpful for digestive problems including ulcers. It is spicy and a major component in curry..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Fertrell Greensand, 50 lb
Greensand is an iron-potassium silicate that loosens clay, increases moisture by up to ten times and contains over 30 trace minerals. These properties make it a perfect soil conditioner for both agricultural and horticultural applications. It is much faster acting than gypsum and very economical. Th..
Model: Berry Mix, 4 lb.
Berry Mix 4-2-4 is an organic fertilizer for different berry plants including raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. This blended organic plant food helps berries grow bigger and juicier and it generates more flavorful berry. Berry Mix works in most soil types and is best when applied working ..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Aragonite, Raw 50lb
Organic Aragonite by Fertrell is an excellent non synthetic choice for organic calcium uptake. 40% Immediately available calcium. Benefical Microbes for soil. Ground sea shell. Used as an organic amendment input to provide a safe, very effective, and quick acting organic source of cal..
Model: Fish Meal with Naturox, Org 50#
Fish Meal with naturox.  For organic growers. This meal is specially processed as a nutritional supplement. The blend of 60% protein and amino acids has been proven essential for poultry diet formulations. Excellent nitrogen source as well...
Model: Organic Seed Potatoes
Characteristics: • Golden skin with yellow flesh.  • Medium to large round/oval shaped tubers. • Excellent storage qualities.  • Late season (110-135+ days) Growing Guide: High-yielding. Creamy yellow flesh is perfect for roasting, just dry enough for a fry or hash. Di..
Brand: Fertrell Model: Hard Red Winter Wheat, Org 60lb
Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat can be used as a grain crop, a cover crop or in mixes with other grains, providing high yields and nutritive value. Organic wheat can also be chopped or grazed. Organic seeds and grains are grown by organic growers that adhere to the strict organic practices that ar..
Brand: Fresh Start Model: House Party Blend 5-2-3 10lb
If your crop is more nitrogen demanding, this in-house blend is your answer. An N-P-K of 5-2-3 with even release for the entire growth cycle of the plant. We use on corn with great result. Also contains the beneficial microbes that enliven your soil for optimum performance...
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