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  • Winter Gardening for the Organic Grower -  Making it happen! It’s a great thing to consider gardening in the winter to create great, low-cost, fresh produce for you and your family. But first we must break through the thinking that we don’t grow our food in the winter. You may have traditional thinking running the show – if it’s not in the […]
  • Compost Tea! - Compost Tea is probably the single best thing you can do for your garden. Applying it to your soil and plants will  innoculate your garden with billions of beneficial microbes. These microbes improve nutrient and mineral flow to your plants, optimize soil tilth, and reduce insect and disease pressure significantly. Here’s our tried and true […]
  • Bring it to the Weeds! - You are all planted up. At least, Round One. A wholesome organic garden. Everything looks perfect, right? And then, one morning, with no warning, there are weeds. “Hey, they aren’t supposed to be there”…but there you have it. And so it goes. But, take heart, there is action to be taken! Early organic weed management […]
  • Summer Organic Gardening -
  • Organic Cover Crop - Organic cover crop is one of the best things you can do for your garden. Suppress weeds, add nitrogen and organic matter, reduce erosion, increase water retention, and promote beneficial biology organically.
  • More chicken health: a first aid kit - Backyard chickens are pretty easy to keep as a rule and most go thru life without a hitch. that being said, stuff happens! We have to do some minor doctoring from time to time. And occasionally, we have some trauma injuries that must be treated. Because of this, we created a first kit specifically for our birds. Nothing fancy or expensive, but it can really save the day when you and your special lady friend are in a tight spot. So below is our list of recommended items. Most are available at your feed store (including Fresh Start) and the local pharmacy. Just get a nice clean box to keep it in and put it somewhere handy...
  • Kick Start Your Garden - Kick start your garden today! It may be cold outside but spring is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to start planning for your summer garden. Save money and have some fun by getting an early start on the growing season with these 5 simple steps...
  • Wound Treatment for Chickens - Hey chicken keepers! What a fine thing keeping chickens is, right? Day to day it's pretty easy but from time to time we encounter problems like a wounded bird. What to do?? Easy peasy lemon squeazy! Here are some tips and a first aid list that will empower you and keep your flock healthy. Skin wounds The most common injuries with chickens are hen pecked hens...or an over aggressive rooster lover. Pecking and biting and scratching can leave bare spots on the skin that can get infected or invite more pecking from other hens.
  • Organic Cover Crop - Organic cover crop is one of the best things you can do for your garden. Suppress weeds, add nitrogen and organic matter, reduce erosion, increase water retention, and promote beneficial biology organically. We are selling quite a bit of organic cover crop seed this year to homesteaders, farmers and gardeners. It is clear that most get the benefits - increased organic matter, nitrogen fixation, erosion control, beneficial insect support, and reduced need for fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • How to Protect From Frost - Extend your growing season and protect your garden from frost by effectively managing your crops with agribon row covers and frost blankets. Protects from frost, helps retain moisture, controls erosion, and protects from pests and critters. Take it one step further and vertically extend your growing space with a hoop house.

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